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Streamline Your Operations with End-to-End Lifecycle Integration and Oversight

Huma WhiteBox has been working with Capital Markets firms to integrate data from disparate sources for over eight years.  In that time, we have integrated data from most of the back-office systems commonly used by securities processing firms, as you will see from the sample list of back-office systems highlighted below.


Our customers access their back office platforms via a set of proprietary Connectors that:

  • Allows for a holistic view of firm and client activity across multiple product types and markets
  • Facilitates reconciliation of trade activity and position balances with industry clearing organizations, clearing and custody services providers.

  • Helps with risk management and improves the accuracy of profit and loss statements by allowing for the comparison and verification of market prices from various sources
  • Links front end trading system client identifiers to middle and back-office processing platforms for end to end trade life cycle integration

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Balances, Corporate Actions, Dividends, Firm Trading, Postings, Reference Data, Settlements, Stock Positions, Trade Fees, Trades


General Ledger, Reference Data, Settlements, Trader Positions



Borrow/Loan Activity

Trader P/L

pershing alt


Firm Trading Data, Firm Trading Settlement Data, Firm Trading Cumulative Data, Global Clearance Settlement Status, Reference Data Accounts



Cash Movements, Transactions, Bank to GL Cash Reconciliation, Interest Reconciliation


Trader Positions, Trades, Enterprise Know Your Counterparty, Front to Back Position Reconciliation & Trade Reconciliation


General Ledger, Reference, Trades, Loans, Facilities, Loan Fees, Participations, Payments, Guarantees, Events, Retail, Positions

Trades, Positions, Credit Limit Monitoring, Front to Back Trade & Position Reconciliation


Market Data Full (Prices); Positions, Position Reconciliation, Position Market Value Reporting



TLM Fees & Expense Management, Fee Allocation, Settlement Fee Allocation Reporting


Accounts, Cashflow, Fees, Trades, Reference Data, FSA Liquidity Reporting



FIX 4.2:

Trades, Front to Back Trade Reconciliation

Trades, Front to Back Trade Reconciliation 

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By integrating with our customers back-office systems Huma WhiteBox makes it easy to connect client data from your front-end trading systems to the processing platforms of the middle and back office. This enables cohesive trade lifecycle management and includes trade financing costs for a complete profit and loss overview.


Our customizable dashboards enable customers to constantly monitor critical operational functions, such as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and supports the fulfillment of regulatory reporting requirements. It is also designed to handle ad hoc queries, to create a comprehensive infrastructure for operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.


Click the Contact Us button below to learn more about the Huma WhiteBox platform, and how we can help your front and middle office personnel efficiently harness, conform, and enrich their data to create a singular, comprehensive source of information.