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Why Huma?


Based on our decades of capital markets experience, the Huma WhiteBox™ team understand the key problems firms have to solve each day. 


Our COO, describes the problem as: “getting trusted data on a timely basis to produce the management reporting necessary to ensure proper business oversight and controls. It’s an enduring problem for which there seemed no easy solution. We solve the problem by giving  business users access to an integrated, trusted source of data in a controlled and auditable manner.”


This is a product designed by a team who understand the problems that need to be solved. It’s the reason our COO is quoted as saying, “If Huma WhiteBox™ had been proposed to me when I was COO, I would have deployed it immediately.”


Capital Markets, like all other business categories, are fully embracing the possibilities created by the emergence AI, and AI promises to revolutionize how firms do business in the near future.  This means the data firms use to train their AI models needs to be as every bit as accurate as the data they present to regulators.


By feeding your AI models with data prepared by Huma WhiteBox you can be certain that data will include both rigorous data governance, and clear data lineage to help ensure you train your AI models with the cleanest, most accurate data possible. 


Huma WhiteBox sits within the Fintech category, but is not a start-up, or new business.  Our company has been in operation for many years and worked extensively with capital markets clients.  The team has put that experience to use by constantly improving the product, with many improvements generated by listening to their customers to better understand how they use the platform, and being ready to act when they suggested improvements.



In fact, the team recently launched the latest version of the platform which includes several significant upgrades.  One of the biggest was to make the platform available not only on prem, but also via the cloud.  And while Huma WhiteBox helps ensure your AI models are fed with the cleanest data possible, they are actively exploring how AI can add to the platform’s capabilities in the future.

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Prime Services Client and Internal Reporting
The Data Problem

A prime broker, using a BPO service provider for clearing, needed to produce standard reporting for their Clients including Trades, Bookkeeping, Positions, Balances, Corporate Actions and Options Exercise / Assignment.  In addition, they needed to ensure systems for trading, margin and risk management were working off of the same account and activity data sources.

The Huma WhiteBox Solution

Provide a secured cross reference of accounts to a parent account.


Provide daily reporting at the parent account level for Clients and Internal users.


Distribute reporting to other systems to ensure all systems were driven from a consistent data source.

The Huma WhiteBox Impact

The Prime Broker simply adds new Clients to a table and daily reporting is created and distributed “automagically”.


The Prime Broker Operations staff has a suite of tools to provide oversight of the BPO service provider.


The Prime Broker can perform trend analysis at the parent account level to understand Client risk and profitability.

Case Study #2

Large Trader Regulations
The Data Problem

A global investment bank needed to ensure compliance with “Large Trader Identification (LTID)” regulations, which require an understanding of related accounts, threshold-based reporting of activity within the related accounts, and the ability to source and survey data on multiple and disparate systems.

The Huma WhiteBox Solution

Our self-service, proprietary technology enabled the bank to capture, identify, and analyze data from multiple systems and report on the identified related accounts, based on multiple account identifiers, required for determining Large Trader status.


We provided the bank with exception-based reporting on the activity within the related accounts that exceeded regulator defined thresholds for share quantity and notional amount.


We distributed daily exception-based reporting, including any open items from prior days to the departments needing to perform remediation. This was all achieved in a matter of weeks rather than months.

The Huma WhiteBox Impact

On a daily basis, the investment bank knows, with confidence, if a Large Trader ID is required based upon regulator defined thresholds.


The investment bank knows if Large Trader IDs have been established as required, or if remediation is required prior to regulatory reporting.


The investment bank knows it is compliant with any regulations, such as the new Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) reporting, that may require an LTID.


Case Study #3

Daily Fail Reporting
The Data Problem

A global investment bank needed to demonstrate to regulators that it had controls in place to determine risk, ensure sales and trader oversight for accounts, and manage open fails.


Further, some of the required data with controls did not exist.

The Huma WhiteBox Solution

The low code and easy to use Connector we installed provided the bank with a secured cross reference of accounts to sales and trading. It also provided a daily reporting of open fails and based on automated rules, assigned a pre-defined risk level, and sales and trader ownership.


We also captured standard reason codes and narrative on fail status intraday.


Our team of experts provided hands-on training to the investment bank’s team. 

The Huma WhiteBox Impact

The investment bank has a “controls in place” reporting process for open fails that can be demonstrated to regulators.


Risk levels and escalation are assigned via a secured, easy-to-view and maintain business logic.


Reporting is exception based and color coded, so the operations staff addresses fails based upon risk level.


The investment bank has a historical view of fails for trend analysis.


Our team of experts remain on standby should the bank need future assistance with its regulatory data requirements.


We're pleased to provide customer references at the appropriate phase of the sales and onboarding process.