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A Single Source of Truth?

Long considered the holy grail of financial services, getting to a Single Source of Truth remains a critical business imperative due to the complex and dynamic nature of 21st century financial transactions.

There are several reasons why getting to a unified and accurate repository of data remains challenging.  Firstly, capital markets institutions operate across diverse systems and platforms, each with its own data format and standards. This fragmentation leads to inconsistencies and discrepancies in reporting.  Secondly, the sheer volume of data generated in capital markets is immense, making it difficult to efficiently collect, validate, and reconcile information from various sources.  Additionally, regulatory requirements and compliance standards further contribute to the complexity, as organizations must navigate through a maze of rules and regulations to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Overcoming these challenges and getting as close to a single source of truth as possible is essential for minimizing operational risks, enhancing decision-making processes, and maintaining regulatory compliance in the ever-evolving landscape of capital markets. 

The Huma WhiteBox platform gets capital markets firms as close to a single source of truth as possible, by gathering and reconciling data from multiple sources, ensuring data governance, and creating access to business data lineage through a robust and transparent audit trail. 

Check out some of the features and benefits of our platform below.  To get an in-depth understanding of the full features and benefits of the Huma WhiteBox platform, click on the Contact Us button below to talk to one of our experienced team members, or to set up a live demo of the platform.

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Platform Features & Benefits​

Counterparty Credit Analysis

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Ad Hoc Research:

Perform detailed analysis of customer, activity, holdings, trends, including drill down to the transaction level.


Integrated Risk Management:

Huma WhiteBox empowers you to track risk and directly tie it to underlying details, or run “what if” scenarios, predicting impacts and incorporating credit and counterparty risk for robust analysis.


Account Ownership Insight:

Huma WhiteBox enables a deep understanding of account ownership and the identification of data quality issues across disparate systems.

Commission Analysis

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Commission Tracking & Reporting:

Huma WhiteBox simplifies the process of tracking commission data and enables you to publish reports of commission details for comprehensive study and analysis.

External Sharing:

Seamlessly share your commission analysis with external parties to foster both collaboration and transparency in your financial reporting.

Flexible Research/Ad Hoc Reporting:

Empower your team with the ability to conduct research and generate ad hoc reports on commission data.

Cash Balance Summaries

A chart showing Client Cash Balances
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Cash Balance Research:

Huma WhiteBox empowers you to conduct on-the-spot research on cash balances, covering various currencies and locations.

Trial Balance Creation:

Easily generate comprehensive trial balances with Huma WhiteBox, offering a detailed drill-down to account-level specifics for a thorough financial overview.

Ad Hoc Analysis:

Perform seamless ad hoc analyses of cash balances to generate dynamic insights and analysis.

Empowering. Comprehensive. Trusted.

Let Huma WhiteBox serve as your linchpin, effortlessly integrating data from disparate sources that can’t communicate directly, so your front and middle office personnel can efficiently harness, conform, and enrich their data, to create a singular, comprehensive source of information.  Information that can be easily transformed into daily reports your business can use to understand your current market position; to create detailed financial summaries for your customers; and even provide traceable, auditable reports for regulatory challenges.

Contact us now to learn more about how Huma WhiteBox’s cutting-edge software platform can empower your firm to bridge the gaps between your securities processing platforms and other back-end systems.